Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot

May 7, 2008 clorindat
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Nicola and the Viscount is a regency teen book (who’d have thought it!), written by the same author who wrote The Princess Diaries. I saw this in the library and was intrigued what it would be like. Having enjoyed the Princess Diaries (films) I thought it might be worth a go.

Here is the synopsis:

Nicola is in love! And not just with an ordinary man. Her heart has been captured by Lord Sebastian, better known as The God – the most handsome and dashing man who ever lived. But are gods always as perfect as they are meant to be?

The heroine in this story is just 16, (no surprise there since its a teen book) and she can get a little irritating at times. But she is a strong girl, and with a good heart. She calls the hero of the book “the god” throughout and it is quite funny. She also calls her annoying cousin “the milksop”. This is a bright, quirky book but with a predicable plot (nothing new about it) but it does hold a certain charm and I’d definitly recommend this book to teenage girls (esp those daughters of women who love regencies and want to get their daughters into them). The romance is not very strong in the book, but when it’s there, it’s nicely done.

I got the impression that Meg Cabot was a Heyer fan and had always wanted to write a regency. (Nothing wrong with that – if it helps along the next generation into the regency world, I’m all for it.) In fact Meg Cabot has a writing style very similar to Julia Quinn. Again, nothing wrong with that!

Rating 7/10


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