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The Twilight Saga/Series by Stephanie Meyers

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Wow what a week and a half! I’ve devoured the entire Twilight saga (4 books in all) in that time.

My husband was starting to get a bit annoyed with me reading all my spare time….bless him.

Ok, where to start: The Twilight saga or series is taking over bookshops everywhere (and cinema’s). It’s a vampire love story between Edward, a 17 year old vampire and Bella a human. Now, I know what you are thinking “But I don’t like vampires.” all blood and biting etc. However, this is different. Edward is different, in fact he’s every girl dream man (even though he’s not a man!)….

When I was reading the first book (Twilight) I had to keep checking I wasn’t reading a Mills and Boon. What I’m trying to get across is don’t be prejudiced against reading it. If you love a love story – you’ll love this.

They are books that you will want to re-read (esp the first one) and while there are a few things that didn’t make sense or didn’t feel right, they are exceptionally good. I do have one major gripe – the second book : New Moon was pretty awful. There is a long period of the book where Bella and Edward are apart, and whilst I can see in the grand scheme of things it was part of the overall story – it was a bit of a betrayal on the reader who wants to get as much of Edward on the page as possible….

However, the third book (Eclipse) was brilliant and the last book (Breaking Dawn) was very good too (though the last quarter dragged a bit).

One of my friends said to me “Stephanie Meyer can’t spin a story like JK Rowling”. I agree. Whilst these are definitly worth reading and had me enthralled and unable to put them down – they are not quite on par with dear old JKR.

So go find yourself a copy of Twilight and then say like me “Move aside Mr Darcy, Edward Cullen is taking your place!”


Twilight: 10/10

New Moon 4/10

Eclipse 10/10

Breaking Dawn 8/10


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