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An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Jill Mansell


I got this out of the library because I wanted to see what all the fuss about Jill Mansell was. I picked up the book the other night to have a flick through it just to see what it was like. 2 Hours later I was still reading and realising that I was loving the book.

Here is the synopsis:

Lola has no intention of accepting when her boyfriend Dougie’s snobbish mother offers her £10,000 to break up with him. Then she discovers a secret that makes her think again. Dougie would probably have broken up with her in the long run, and this way she can help one of the people she loves most in the world.Ten years later, though, when Lola meets Dougie again, her feelings for him are as strong as ever. But she broke Dougie’s heart and he’s about to discover that she was paid to do it. She can never tell him the truth, so can she get him back? Well, Lola’s very attractive and very persuasive. But even she’s got her work cut out this time…

I thought I would never read another “Click-lit” book (not bec I’m snobby) but after the Freya North debacle, (see earlier review) I decided not to waste my time with “that sort of stuff” again. However, what I didn’t count on was Jill Mansell being a terrific writer!

Her writing is very modern and funny and witty and readable and….I could go on, but I think you get the drift!

The main character (Lola) is refreshing in that she is self-assured, she knowswhat she wants and she goes out to get it. She tries to get her ex-boyfriend (Dougie) back (asking him some outrageous things) and along the way many things happen in her life. Ordinarily I would of got bored reading the non-romantic bits, but Jill Mansell has a way of making the other stuff really interesting and page-turning.

What the synopsis doesn’t tell you is that there are other characters in the book who are given quite a lot of coverage in the book. Gabe and Sally are the sub characters who have a great story too and they made the book for me.

Couple of minor gripes – at the end when Dougie finally gives into Lola and takes her back, I kinda felt it was not quite beleiveable that he had an about face. But maybe thats just because the man’s point of view was never written. Also, I thought about 4/5ths through it was dragging a little.

Anyway, if you’ve not read a Jill Mansell book before, give it a try. It was really very very good. And you all know what a fussy reader I am!

Rating 8/10


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