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Jack of Clubs by Barbara Metzger

This is a new author for me, recommended by one of the girls from Bookishly Attentive.


Here is the synopsis:

Year’s ago, Captain Jack Endicott’s young half sister vanished after a carriage accident. Now, hardened by fighting in the Peninsular wars, Jack sets out to honour his father’s dying wish that he find the missing girl. Disdainful of “proper” gentlemanly pursuits and refusing to live off his noble brother, Jack makes a bold play. He’ll open a lavish gaming parlour in London – and, by hiring only beautiful ladies to deal cards, possibly find his sister. All he needs is a little luck.

Schoolteacher Allison Silver is at her wits end. After an arduous journey escorting a precocious pupil to her grandparents in London, the old folks are not even home to take delivery! And the only possible alternative guardian is a known womanizer who runs a gabmling house, of all things.

Yet when the proud Jack meets the prim Alllie, the odds are surprisingly even – and all bets are off in the wild game of romance….

This is the second in a series of 3 books, and I haven’t read the first. There was no problem with getting into the book becasue it was the second and the author gives a well dispersed overview of the series storyline (that of the missing girl) so you know whats going on.

I did feel howwever, that the plotline of the missing girl was a bit of a misnomer and a little contrived. It wasn’t mentioned all that much, and instead of information about her being dispersed through the book, suddenly near the end, the bow street runners who were looking into the case found loads of information.

That aside, I did enjoy reading this book very much. All the characters were wonderfully written, and the author has a great and vivid way of drawing them. Certainly one of the most appealing things about this story was how different it was to other Regencies. Set in a gaming house, it was very refreshing from the usual country houses or town houses. The setting also meant that the secondary characters were more colourful (if you know what I mean)…

The story revolves around prim Allie and handsome Jack who are the perfect match if only Allie can get over her worry about losing her reputation and Jack can…well it’s just the usual man who is wealthy, has a mistress, why would he want to marry?

However, Jack is lovable and sweet and Allie can be a bit annoying at times. But this was a page-turner albeit more of a soap opera than an epic drama. Near the end I was expecting something major to happen but it never did. When I closed the book having finsihed it I was also surprised that there was no love scene. I don’t mind either way if a book has a love scene as long as it fits in with the story. In this book there was a lot of pent-up sexual tension and I was expecting it several times but it didn’t happen.

So overall, while I was reading this book I loved it. When I finished it and reflected back there were many plot points and issues with characters that just didn’t add up…and I feel a bit disappointed with it.

I will probably give Barbara Metzger another go maybe the 3rd book in the series.

Rating 7.5/10


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Just Say Yes by Myretta Robens


I read this book a few weeks ago, and I had to buy from the USA via ABE books. It cost me 50p, though the postage was a few pounds on top. (You can order it from, but you may want to read my review before you do!)

Ok, what can I say? This regency book had so much potential to be a great but was a bit of a let down. The blurb sounded great, and the book starts off well. The story is about a member of the aristocracy moonlighting secretly as a groom. He then falls for a local clergyman’s daughter. Thereby there are lots of class issues over their romance, as well as the fact that the hero is hiding his true identity from the heroine. However, there are parts that are just plain boring, and though I did manage to finish this book, I was just “going through the motions” because I felt that I’d got that far, I should finish it. Some of the minor characters seemed cliched too (the heroine’s mother and the squire’s son).

The problem is, I don’t actually know what was wrong with this book. The writer is american but she did a great job of not having an american tone to the book. The story is good, and the ending satisfactory. The writing and description was good, the heroine well rounded. The hero was also nice. But it just missed the “X-factor” or the book equivalent of the X Factor. (You you see what I mean).

So, I’m sure I can recommend this. My rating says it all really..

Rating: 5/10

PS  I also recently read her book “Once Upon a Sofa” which I won’t review because I hate to give ratings under 5….

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